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Shimada is located in the center-west of Shizuoka Prefecture. In the north lies mountains that lead to the Southern Alps and in the southwest lies the vast Makinohara Plateau. The city features a lush natural landscape that is nurtured by Oi River, which starts in the Southern Alps and flows into Suruga Bay. It has a mild climate year-round.


Here are some scenes that are distinctive to Shimada—its magnificent natural landscape, the people that make it their home, tea fields nurtured by Oi River, a steam locomotive passing under falling cherry blossoms, and more.


Learn about the history and culture of Shimada, such as the 300-year old Obi Festival and the Shimada-mage hairstyle, and activities like “Day Out with Thomas” where you can ride the only Thomas the Tank Engine in Asia that uses a real steam locomotive or paragliding 900 meters above sea level with an amazing view of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay in the distance.